Solid Apollo introduces Easy LED Kits complete with SSL striplights, bars, and recessed lights

Nov. 12, 2014
Solid Apollo LED introduces Easy LED Kits, a new line of complete lighting kits including every part from plug to light. The kits come with the option of Single Color Strips, Color Changing Strips, Waterproof Strips, Light Bars or recessed Moon Lights. The Easy LED Kits are the sure way to ensure every part is included to ensure the lights work correctly for a long lasting and durable installation.

LED lights are still a new form of lighting to most of the world and as such a number of the products require multiple parts to ensure the lights work correctly. Searching for the right parts can be time consuming and even then you want to ensure what you buy is really what is required. Receiving too few parts and having to reorder can be frustrating, as is spending too much money and purchasing parts not required.

Solid Apollo’s new line of Easy LED Lighting Kits, ensure that all the parts required to correctly use the lights are included in one package, under one serial number, and at a discounted rate compared to purchasing all the parts separately. “The parts in each kit, from strip lights to light bars, have been carefully selected to correctly work together to ensure a long lasting and durable lighting installation” stated Manuel Barquin, CEO of Solid Apollo.

The Easy LED Kits have been created to combine our most popular products into complete plug to light kits to make the purchase as easy as possible. The kits are comprised of LED Strip Lights, LED Light Bars and recessed Moon LED Lights.

LED Strip Lights are an excellent solution for adding low profile lighting to places never thought possible. The strip lights include durable 3M double sided tape on the back for long lasting installation, and include cut points every several inches, which is perfect for even the most intricate lighting projects. The kits include a spool of 16.4’ of LED lights, a matching power supply and controller, and are available in single color, color changing or waterproof options. The Strip Light kits also come in several option levels as well, from basic kits at standard brightness with an inline on/off brightness controller, to more powerful kits with higher brightness levels and a remote control. Strip lights are great for undercabinet lighting, cove lighting, toe kick lighting, in the closet or pantry, and even in shelving or drawers.

LED Light Bar Kits are the easiest and quickest way to bring bright durable LED lighting to a variety of projects. The light bar kits come with every part from plug to light right out of the box. The light bars are created with a low profile and fully modular design, so extra bars can be quickly mounted in line, plus a full line of accessories are available to ensure an excellent fitting installation which can be expanded on in the future. The light bar kits are available with either single or multiple light bars and in two different length options. The kits also take out the rest of the guess work for the correct accessories required by including a matching power supply, light controller with dimmer, and any required connectors.

Moon LED Light Kits have been created to bring incredibly low profile accent and guide lighting to any location, and the lighting kits include 6 Moon LEDs, a power supply and simple connection cables. There are three types of Moon LED’s: an indoor, indoor mini, and outdoor waterproof versions. Each Moon LED is designed with an incredibly strong lens and frame and can take up to 400 pounds of walkover pressure. Five different colors are available: Pure White, Warm White, Blue, Green, Red and Amber. The Moon LED lights are great for adding light to stairwells, floors, walls, walkways, and bathrooms.

The Easy LED Kits from Solid Apollo are a great way to purchase every part needed for almost any lighting project and come with every part required to ensure the lights work correctly and last a long time. The LED Kits are also a great package deal with a discount over buying separately and if more LED products are desired, the kits are easy to expand on using more LED lighting products and accessories.

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