Solid Apollo LED's Premium LED light bars feature slim, modular design with built-in mounting hinges

Nov. 6, 2014
Solid Apollo LED introduces a line of Premium LED Light Bars, now more slim, modern and easy to mount than ever before using built in multi-positionable mounting hinges. The Premium Bars are UL Listed and modular, meaning you can safely and easily add up to 10 bars in a row for just over 16 feet of linear workable indoor light.

Current light bar offerings are wide and cluttered creating an unnatural and obtrusive appearance for any workspace. Most are not modular and create extra hassle when trying to tie multiple light bars together as they must be hardwired by soldering or using wire nuts, creating excessive installation and wiring time. Current light bars also offer a compromise over mounting options and where the light can be projected, by either having mounting holes with an unpositionable light, or offering cumbersome mounting brackets with limited light positions.

Solid Apollo LED’s Premium LED Light Bar is an attractive slim design, uncluttered and finished in a clean gloss white body offering protection to the LED’s while also being fully modular, where multiple bars and accessories are easily plugged in and ready to go. The built in multi-positionable rear mounting hinges allow the Premium LED Light Bar to rotate a full 90 degrees to project light in the exact direction needed. The mounting hinges also fold flush into the body of the light bar to ensure the light bar is as slim and unobtrusive as possible.

“The Premium LED Light Bar is a large step forward in making accessible modern LED lighting available without the hassle and clutter of current light bars” stated Manuel Barquin, CEO of Solid Apollo LED, “The contemporary design has a lovely rounded shape and clean design making it suitable for a large range of lighting projects.”

The UL listed Premium LED Bar has been created to bring large energy savings, as it runs on low voltage 24V DC power, and consumes far less energy compared to traditional incandescent light bulbs or fluorescent lights. The Premium LED Light Bar also comes with a large range of options, with two lengths, two colors, and a host of matching accessories. The two available colors are Daylight White and Warm White. Daylight White is similar to the natural light from the sun and will not distort the colors being worked under. Warm White is similar to the color of incandescent light and works well to bring out the darker colors, such as browns and oranges in the environment being lighted. The Premium Bar comes in 12 or 20 inch lengths, and the different lengths can be quickly connected together up to 10 bars in length for just over 16 feet of linear light.

The Premium LED Light bar offers a large number of accessories to create the perfect installation. A variety of dimmers are available, from easy plug in options, to a handheld remote control unit. Multiple length connectors are available for mounting around corners or to tie light bars together if there are jumps required to install around obstacles. A motion sensor with adjustable timer is available for hands-free use to optimize energy savings, or choose the remote motion and ambient light sensor, which stays on only when motion and light is detected.

The durable design includes long life LED’s with a 50,000 hour lifetime. The Premium LED Light Bar is excellent for mounting under the shelf or for task lighting above a work surface. The light bar is perfect for workable undercabinet or closet lighting, or for bright controllable lighting in the bathroom, pantry or storage area. The Premium LED Light Bar also works well for unobtrusive lighting over a workbench or in the studio, and the multi-positionable hinges will bring light where it is precisely needed.

The Premium LED Light Bar is the next step in bringing easy to use LED light to any indoor area by offering a slim modern and modular design with built in multi-positionable mounting hinges for quick installation out of the box.

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Michael - Solid Apollo LED

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