Spark wins bidding of Zhejiang Zhu-yong Expressway LED tunnel lighting project

Nov. 11, 2014
Recently, Shenzhen Spark Optoelectronics S&T Co., Ltd had successfully won the bidding of Zhejiang Zhu-yong Expressway for energy-saving LED tunnel lamp procurement project ZM-1-ZM-2, which is the longest distance individually in China, nearly 20 thousands of LED lights included.
Zhu-yong Expressway is a highway in Zhejiang Province, beginning in Zhuji Cityof Shaoxing, passing Dongyang, Pan’an, Xianju, ending with Yong-jia of Wenzhou City, about 225 km long and started to open in 2010. This Zhuji-Yongjia Highway has 54 tunnels with a length of 140 km, overall 100 bridges, which occupy a 70% proportion of the expressway. It is the mainline of Zhejiang Highway, and due to its complex natural and geographical features, it has an extremely requirements for lights.

After inspection and layers of screening, and site-checking, it is certified finally that Spark LED tunnel lights won the bidding. In this project, Spark Optoelectronics will retrofit all the HPS lamps of Zhu-yong Expressway (including LED tunnel lighting, high-pole lamps and JUY), play an important role in supply, transportation, installation, debugging, operation, after-sales service and so on.

Zhu-yong Expressway lighting retrofitting project has not only the purpose of energy conservation and emission reduction, but also a high standard replacement of lighting. As the development of Zhejiang economy, there is a developed transportation, so the lights in tunnels are easily smudged by vehicle exhaust emissions, while Spark new generation module led tunnel light solve the problem perfectly. This type of light adopts PC lens optical integration with 95% light transmittance. Except that, the light is designed by unique optical & rectangular beam 140°*70°,to deal with the uniformity problem. Meanwhile, using high-quality die casting makes low adsorption, greatly reducing the maintenance cost.

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