GlacialLight's Arcturus GL-BL60 gimbal-mount LED bay light delivers 116 lm/W

Nov. 14, 2014
GlacialLight, the lighting division of GlacialTech Inc., introduces the 54W model in its Arcturus Bay Light series. The GL-BL60 is a fully adjustable Bay Light for both indoor and outdoor applications. With an adjustable gimbal bracket, The GL-BL60 has 360 degrees of adjustment on the horizontal axis and 180 degrees on the vertical axis. It achieves 6250 lumens of white LED light at an energy-efficient 116 lumens per watt. A robust IP66 rating means it’s waterproof and rugged enough for outdoor use.

Power and Flexibility
The gimbal mounting bracket allows the GL-BL60 to be adjusted to project light 360 degrees horizontally or 180 degrees vertically, giving it flexibility rarely found in the powerful Bay Light format. The GL-BL60 can not only be mounted the traditional way to a ceiling, but also works well mounted on a wall, such as the exterior of a building where it can be angled downwards or upwards, adding even more lighting options for commercial lighting applications. The GL-BL60 also functions well as traditional bay lighting, or can be mounted on ground surfaces to project onto walls or fences, and comes available with a chain mount option for factory settings.

Quality Light
The GL-BL60 projects up to 6250 lumens of quality white light in either warm white (3000K), neutral white (4000K), or cool white (5000K) color temperatures with a CRI (Color Rendering Index) of over 80. It’s remarkably efficient with 116 lumens per watt, achieved by a high performance LED using cold forged thermal design.

IP66 Rugged
The GL-BL60 is not just a powerful and adjustable bay light but rugged enough to be used both indoors and outdoors. An IP code of 66 means the GL-BL60 is dust-tight and resistant to powerful water jets, allowing it to be used in outdoor applications as well as harsh indoor environments. It can operate at ambient temperatures from -40°C ~ +50°C. Its robust power supply means it can take international mains voltage from 100-240VAC.

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About GlacialLight
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