Megaman Perfect White LED technology provides vibrant retail lighting

Nov. 3, 2014
MEGAMAN®, a leader in LED lighting innovations, announces the launch of a brand new LED technology, Perfect White, which enhances textiles bringing the whites to life while still offering superb efficacy and energy efficient LED lamps it is ideally suited for retail lighting as well as general applications. The Perfect White range has been showcased at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2014 (Autumn Edition) - 27-30 October.

Including MEGAMAN® Vito LED Downlight, Carlo LED Downlight, Modena LED Tracklight and LED AR111 Reflectors, the Perfect White range produces a high quality and vibrant light that makes an object even whiter and brighter. The technology behind the effect modifies the spectrum in the near visible range to make the object appear to stand out more from the background with increased contrast and adds a clean, cool feel to the object itself.

To meet retailers’ requirements for high quality light sources on goods, especially fabrics, Perfect White is developed to deliver the perfect light that not only makes the colour of white in fabrics stand out but at the same time renders the true colours of other hues. Retail shops, in particular fashion stores, will find their merchandise more attractive and convincing when exposed to Perfect White’s light source. The prefect white range includes:

MEGAMAN® Vito LED Downlight, an ultimate energy saving solution for shop and general lighting with 35° accent and 60° medium beam optics, which provide the necessary control to maximise the quality of light, while minimising loss of light. The new Vito LED also delivers superb lighting performance of up to 5600lm with only 66W system power consumption, making it an ideal 70W metal halide replacement solution. Its high cut-off angle of 46° ensures maximum comfort. The gimbal construction - a pivoted support that allows the rotation about a single axis - provides multi-directional tilting for a high degree of flexibility.

MEGAMAN® Carlo LED Adjustable Downlight, a perfect 50W metal halide replacement solution which offers excellent lighting performance up to 3600lm with only 39W system power consumption. Its cut-off angle at 39° ensures visual comfort and it is ultra flexible with 45° tilting angle and 355° rotation angle.

MEGAMAN® Modena LED Tracklight which has an aluminium reflector that delivers clean and precise beams. Its powerful lighting performance of up to 4500lm makes it an ideal 70W and 35W metal halide replacement solution. The adjustable arm allows for multi-directional lighting: 355° horizontal rotation and ±90 vertical tilting angle.

Designed to perfectly replace halogen AR111, MEGAMAN’s® LED AR111 Reflector saves up to 78% of energy use than its counterpart while delivering excellent light output. Its long lasting nature greatly reduces maintenance time and the glass cover design makes maintenance even easier.

The future lighting solution is here. This new Perfect White innovation from MEGAMAN® highlights its capability and capacity to apply new technology. It brings together lamps, applications and systems to provide a total energy saving solution for shops as well as general lighting.


Megaman - Carl Gunaratnam, Marketing Communications Manager, Neonlite International Ltd

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