Small LED floodlight from E-conolight highlights Florida landscape with 4000K light

Aug. 5, 2014
Former Long Island, NY, resident Stephen Wolf moved to Florida to enjoy the sunshine and year-round growing season so he's not about to let nightfall ruin a good view of his gardens. Wolf is installing small LED floodlights offered by e-conolight in strategic locations throughout his yard to highlight the bright hues and varied textures even after dark.

Though the floodlights are also good for security lighting, Wolf said he is using them only for landscaping.

"These fixtures are strictly for the beauty of the landscaping," he stated.

Wolf said he prefers the 4000K neutral white LED option over higher color temperatures because 4000K provides a light that's neither too warm nor too white.

"Anything lower than 4000K is too yellow and takes away from some of the flowers," Wolf explained. "On the other side, anything higher washes out the color."

The first order of four small LED floodlights arrived at his home about six months ago, and he said he's getting ready to order four more.

"I am extremely pleased with these lights," he added. "E-conolight has economically priced these fixtures very nicely and seems to have a good line of LED products." The LEDs are replacing incandescent fixtures that Wolf said just don't hold up in the Florida sunshine and humidity.

Wolf said he's taken his e-conolight catalog to the office of his Home Owner's Association to try and convince them of the benefits of LED fixtures, and he hopes to start seeing LED lights around his subdivision soon.


Heather Asiyanbi - for e-conolight

Nikki Rogan

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