Cobright designs LED downlighting scheme to requirements for European supermarket client

Aug. 28, 2014
Cobright just provided a lighting solution for an European super market. The main propose for supermarket illuminate is to evoke an atmosphere of the leisurely shopping, and to increase sales volume.

1. For general area, the required average Lux at the 0.75m high worktable should achieve 300lux at least. To make things clear for customers to choose.

2. For the cashier desk, we will need at least 500LUX, that the cashier will not feel tired under the illumination.

3. For the main work channel, it asks for 1000lux at the level of 2.2M vertical distance from the lamp. So clients will not feel crowded in the bright environment.

Cobright LED down light with ceiling installation is good solution for above three points. The lamp qty and LUX level can be special designed by our technician through professional Dialux Software..

4. For fruit,Veg and Meat area, we need around 3000lux at the level of 0.9M vertical distance from the mounting lamp. We give the solution by installing the T8 LED tube light on the goods shelf/fresh counter, and specially offer CRI>80 tubes to make the goods look more fresh.

For all above lights, we choose 4500K to make the goods looks much closer to the original color.

Cobright keeps giving best solution for customer to get best illumination effect and most energy saving with lowest cost. Any project design request please feel free to contact us!


Serena Xie, Marketing Director - Cobright
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