Cobright's 40W integrated solar LED street lights are put to work at Mexican car park

Aug. 25, 2014
Traditional solar system includes so many parts: traditional lamp ( or LED lamp), solar panel, lead-acid battery, controller, solar panel brackets, battery cabinets. The volume is very large, therefore freight charge is very high, and labor cost of mounting is also very high.

But Cobright integrated solar LED street lights solve all the above problems and troubles.

Our unique design is to combine all the necessary parts in one unit. Since we use a light-weight lithium battery instead of lead-acid battery, and design the solar panel together with the LED street lamp. So our solar LED street light looks like a normal LED street light.
One client in Mexico asked us to provide a solar lighting solution for a parking building road. It is a three story building for customers to park their cars. Along this building is a two-way road. So we suggest our client to install our 40watt integrated solar LED street light system, pole height to be 7meter, pole distance is 20meter -- installed as a double row with offset.
The final illumination is more than 10lux. The clients are very satisfied with this solution.

In these two years, Cobright's integrated solar LED street light is trending and welcomed by global clients. If you are interested in our models, and if your area has abundant sunshine, please contact us and try out our integrated solar LED street light, which helps you to save money and energy.


Serena Xie, Marketing Director - Cobright

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