Forge Europa customizes 22,600-lm LED luminaire for mobile lighting tower

Aug. 8, 2014
Forge Europa has recently successfully put into volume manufacture a completely customised LED luminaire for use on mobile lighting towers.

Lighting towers are used across applications including highway maintenance sites, airports, incidents and scenes of crime, outdoor events and other construction or industrial sites and typically consist of four 400W (4500K CCT) Metal Halide fittings, attached to the top of an adjustable 8 metre mast/tower.

Forge Europa has now manufactured a 240W replacement for the 400W metal halide.

The original 400W Metal Halide floodlights delivered 26,750 Lumens each and the Forge Europa 240W version delivers a close 22,600 lumens, but because of the optimised optical design of the LED luminaire and the improved light quality, which results in a higher SP Ratio for the LED luminaire, the lux distribution on the floor is identical to that of the Metal Halide, for a significant 40% less power.

As mobile lighting towers typically utilise a diesel engine generator to deliver mains voltage to the light sources, this 40% reduction in power has a significant and positive effect on the amount of fuel used by the engine, resulting in lower running costs for the contractor.

The LED Luminaire is designed around three Chip On Board type arrays, incorporates a lightweight heatsink design and custom optics.

Grant Huck, Business Development Manager says: "This product illustrates how Forge Europa can understand application requirements, design, develop then volume manufacture a complete efficient LED solution for niche market sectors at a cost effective level."
For more information on Forge Europa's A-LED service -- their range of capabilities to support you from concept to volume manufacture, including custom LED optic design talk to the technical sales team.


Forge Europa

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