Cobright adds all-aluminum 3x8 module LED street light to roadway lighting lineup

Aug. 13, 2014
Nowadays with the development of SSL technology, LED has gradually entered the general lighting market. However, development in the LED lighting industry is mainly affected by the limitations of heat dissipation. Whether a cooling effect is good or bad it will affect the LED luminous efficiency and life time directly. The high power LED heat dissipation problem has become a bottleneck which restricts the development of LED lighting.

In 2014 March, Cobright has submitted its new cooling design LED street light -- 3x8 all aluminum LED street light, this series lamp is the fourth member of Cobright's LED street light family. Earlier we had launched 5x6 module LED street light, 4x6 module LED street light, 3x8 plastic module LED street light. And now we offer commercially the 3x8 all-aluminum module LED street light.

The new all-aluminum LED street light design is based on the super heat release radiator design. With solid all-aluminum housing and optimized airflow, by using of LED and heat sink direct touch, this innovation housing with modulized heat sink can dissipate heat efficiently.

Also there are ventilation holes between modules and the housing, this kind of design can make the lamp avoid dust and water accumulation the heat dissipation and reduce the cleaning frequency.

Because the lamp baby is all-aluminum, so heat release space is quite enough to hold more power, our standard design for one module is 24pcs led, can hold 50-60W one group. This will help to save a lot of cost.

More advantages for all-aluminum led street light type are as below:
1. LED heat sink materials used AL-6063, ranked 4th in the thermal conductivity of metals.
2. All screws are stainless steel SUS304
3. Cooling area, good air convection effect, each group can do 50-60W.
4. Easy to assemble and disassemble
5. Easy to replace the power supply

6. All are top brand materials: Driver MEANWELL and CREE LED.

For this series lamp, available wattages are: 30W, 60W, 90W, 120W, 150W and 190W.
In addition to the design of LED lamps to clients, Cobright also helps customer to provide all engineering services for clients projects, such as light distribution design, engineering equipment design and finished product lamp test data etc., In a word, if the customer need, we can offer all kinds of lamps optical test, parameters test and assembly etc solutions. If you have any requirements, please feel free to contact with Cobright. Thank you!


Serena Xie - Cobright Marketing Director

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