Designers use Luminis LED lighting to highlight innovation at Nike headquarters

Feb. 17, 2016
As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of footwear, apparel and sports equipment, Nike, Inc. has built their brand around the concepts of innovation, motivation and the pursuit of athletic excellence.

Headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, Nike’s 2.2 million square foot Beaverton Creek Campus is dedicated to fostering a sense of community amongst employees and creates an electric atmosphere for personal growth. When it came time to expand, Nike sought the expertise of Portland-based architectural and planning firm, TVA Architects as well as Fortis Construction to help them meet their goals.

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As one of the key design components, the interior lighting was crucial in creating a productive and welcoming workplace for Nike’s employees. TVA Architects worked in conjunction with Biella Lighting Design to light many spaces within the industrial-chic, open-concept buildings, including offices, workspaces, and employee areas.

Already familiar with Luminis’ range of award winning products, Biella had the company’s Prisma PR1650 LED pendant luminaires in mind during the lighting selection process. Their aesthetically-pleasing design with standard wide distribution provides uniform general illumination with a maximized spacing ratio perfect for Nike’s interior spaces.

“From the start, we were drawn to the Prisma PR1650 product,” said Ella Mills, lighting designer and founder of Biella Lighting Design. “The client liked the style and Luminis collaborated quickly and efficiently with us to meet the client’s needs.”

More than 100 Prisma PR1650 LED pendants were used in various buildings throughout the Beaverton Creek Campus, including in meeting and breakout rooms, employee lounges, kitchens and staff cafeterias. Efficient, reliable and attractive, the luminaires offer an innovative approach to general-purpose lighting for interior spaces, providing just the right amount of light needed in Nike’s innovation-fueled environment.

Architect: Tim Wybenga, TVA Architects
Construction: Fortis Construction
Lighting Design: Biella Lighting Design
Luminis Agent: HL Stearns
Photography: Steven Vaughan

About Luminis
Luminis designs and manufactures specification grade interior and exterior lighting for a wide range of applications including parks, campuses, urban and commercial developments, offices, retail stores and schools. Throughout its 30-year history, the company has invested heavily in research and development to produce innovative products that integrate style and technology to deliver high efficiency, performance and durability. The company’s products have been recognized with a catalog of innovation awards, including PIAs, ADEX and IIDEX, as well as being included in the IES Progress Report selection.

Luminis sells its products predominately in North America through a national network of dedicated independent sales representatives. The company’s corporate headquarters is located in Montreal, Canada.

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