ACEVEL develops 115-lm/W LED panel light with Unified Glare Rating less than 19

Feb. 9, 2016
ACEVEL's LED panel light with a more humanized design concept has been developed and put into production.
Below are new feature points worth your reading.

1) UGR<19: The Unified Glare Rating as recommended by the CIE has become widely accepted as a general formula for assessing glare. And it becomes the psychological parameter of the perception of people's eyes when they are in the room with lights on or when they look at the lights. Only when the calculated value is less than 19, the light will have no negative impact on people's eyes and perception, which means it can protect people's eyes, and people will feel comfortable and natural.

In order to reach this performance, we adopt the latest materials and design such as the diffusion plate, which features a Big Cube pattern. It looks concavo-convex, but actually it is planar, which is an advantage compared to traditional diffusion plates (there is no room for dust).

2) CRI>90: ACEVEL has been working on developing products to improve users' quality of life; high Color Rendering Index is one of the targets. Because the higher CRI we can provide, the more natural users feel the lighting is. And with CRI >90, it is almost the same color of surroundings no matter when people are under our LED panel lights or under sunlight.

3) High Luminous Flux: This is the basic requirement. Although the CRI >90 performance will reduce the luminous flux, our R&D department still works hard to reach 100 lm/W to meet users' needs for Luminous Flux.

4) Patented Round Corner design: This is another point that shows our humanized design concept. Comparing it with traditional panel lights with sharp "L-shape" corner, the patented round corner design on our LED panel light not only can protect users' fingers or hands against injury from sharp edges but also can prevent the ceiling from scratching. And its soft line design can bring a softer aesthetic.

5) Embedded backplane: Embedded backplane has overcome the problems of trans-shape and light leak.


Ms. Serena Gao - Guangzhou ACEVEL Electronic Technology Co., Ltd