SVET offers smart LED light bulb that replicates natural daylight patterns

May 26, 2016
SVET – as the product is called – is a versatile smart LED light bulb that outputs high-quality light on par with natural sunlight. The light bulb is designed to introduce an unparalleled level of health safety and functionality to home and office lighting.

Since virtually every artificial light source has an adverse effect on health, the developer’s challenge with SVET was to make the artificial light as natural as possible. Each SVET LED light bulb contains state-of-the-art light-emitting diodes able to output flicker-free light in full spectrum and a wide color temperature range. This makes the light emitted very close to actual sunlight, with a more natural color rendering compared to standard light bulbs. Such light is very important for eye health, as natural colors are more comfortable for the eyes.

Another key feature of the appliance is its ability to closely replicate natural light dynamics, tuning the light output in accordance with sunlight variance. For example, SVET will automatically soften the lighting towards evening hours, emulating the sunset and promoting relaxation, while in the morning, the light output will be harder and colder, matching the properties of dawn light. Such light behavior is very beneficial for the body’s biological clock – adherence to the natural light day is known to improve the quality of sleep and general physical and mental state, as well as reduce stress.

SVET does not require any setup and will automatically enhance lighting conditions when plugged into a standard light socket and turned on. More functionality is available through the smartphone companion app, which allows for easy control over the light’s properties and provides a variety of pre-set lighting scenarios for reading, working, relaxation and more.

No matter the settings, the built-in health safety system ensures that the user receives the right light at the right time. Certain types of light and potentially harmful lighting conditions are automatically limited to rule out eye damage or any harm to the body clock and nervous system.


Armenuhi Yeganyan, PR - SVET