Mazak chooses the new Tamlite SCH Series LED high bay

May 26, 2016
Fed up with sub-par light distribution and rising energy costs, the Mazak Optonics Corporation of Elgin, IL enlisted Tamlite to find a solution that would provide them with energy-savings over their current metal halide fleet while ensuring that the new install would be able to adequately provide enough light to reduce shadows and produce a bright, clean feeling.

We had the perfect luminaire in mind; the patented SCH Sun Chandelier has a curved design that reduces the blinding glare emitted by other commercial LED solutions and provides uniform light distribution to illuminate hard to see areas and increase safety and productivity in workspaces. The electronic driver has low voltage 0-10V dimming capability from 100% to 10% and is available in 13,200, 19,800, 26,400, 33,000 & 39,000 lumen configurations with 3,000, 5,000, 4,000, and 5,000-kelvin options.

After a short trial period, Mazak decided to reap the benefits of the Sun Chandelier and subsequently replaced 68 metal halides with SCH series LED high bay luminaires. Thus far the company has been very pleased with the results.

Of the SCH series, Mazak says, “it makes it MUCH easier to see the labels in the parts department” and “the LED lights give us a brighter, whiter and cleaner looking showroom, which is so important to us in the technology world.”


John Bartal, Hi-Lux Manager - Tamlite Lighting