Energized Solutions India helps customers save 75% on energy costs with LED lighting

May 16, 2016
Energized Solutions India PLtd designs & manufactures LED Lighting solutions for institutional customers like Offices, Factories, Airports, Ports, Warehouses, Hotels, Hospitals, Malls, Townships & Malls. Our solution is to make lamps to deliver the required Lumen and Lux levels with the minimum possible wattage.

In the process, we at times redo the entire lighting layout if that makes more sense business-wise. In one instance, the client had grids of 9 existing fixtures with 2x36 watt CFL Lamps, consuming 80 watts including ballast losses. We replaced these with our High Efficiency LED panels, 60x60 cms of 26 watts each, and replaced the 9 lamps grid consuming 400 watts with 5 of ours consuming 130 watts each, specially made for them.

In another case, the client had recessed T8 4' tubelights, 2 per fixture, consuming 76 watts. We made a backlit panel to fit into the existing recess, increased the Lux Level from 225 to 325 as demanded, and reduced the power consumption to 24 watts.

A multi-level Parking Lot had T5 tubes of 28 watts each. We could reduce the number of lamps by 1/3rd while maintaining the same Lux levels (and the spatial distribution of light), while replacing the 28 watt conventional tubes with our 14 watt LED tubulars, without changing the fixtures.

We have delivered similar savings at over 500 locations in India for various large clients, ranging from Fortune 100 to Fortune 500 companies, to large Indian corporates. We not only deliver the savings, but warranty it comprehensively and unconditionally for five years. Our warranty covers Light Output, Power Consumption, Color of Light, and Power Factor.

ESIL also offers a zero capex purchase model for qualified clients. Customers do not have to spend a single penny on purchase. They pay us a portion of the savings we generate for them. That means zero capex, plus money on the table for customers every month.


Kamal Gupta, Co Founder - Energized Solutions India P Ltd