Solid Apollo LED introduces over 20 different types of RGB and RGBW LED strip lights

May 4, 2016
Solid Apollo LED, leader in LED lighting systems, offers the widest range of RGB and RGBW LED strip lights on the market.

Under Solid Apollo’s new line of RGB LED strip lights, they now offer single and double row RGB color changing LED strips lights. Double row color changing strips offer up to 144W of light, making them the brightest option on the market.

Also under their new line of RGBW LED strips they offer up to 10 different models. “RGBW led strips offer the option for a white color which is very difficult to create with just RGB Strips. Users can now enjoy white light in all of their RGB configurations,” stated Manuel Barquin president of Solid Apollo LED.

With their new RGBW LED strip lights users can select up to 3 different color temperatures for the white color ranging from 3000 kelvin up to 6000K. This enables any user to enjoy color changing lights as well as White light when needed, for example when a bright light is needed for task lighting.

Solid Apollo also offers a wide range of RGB and RGBW LED Controllers, so installations can be easily controlled and managed, ranging from Wireless to full DMX Control.

Another interesting product from Solid Apollo LED is their new RGB-A LED Strip Light. This product is aimed for high end installations where higher hue control is needed. By adding an Amber LED to the mix, users can create a wider range of colors and hues; even create very precise pastel colors.

According to Manuel Barquin, president of Solid Apollo LED, its usually Architectural and Video production clients that demand RGBA LED Strips.

All Solid Apollo LED RGB and RGBW LED strip lights are ETL approved, carry a 3 year hassle free warranty and are available in waterproof IP67 formats as well.


Manuel Barquin- Solid Apollo LED
+1 425 582 7533