Aura Light offers ready-to-use 'Easy Selection' LED lighting products to simplify commercial retrofits

May 12, 2016
Aura Light has introduced the new Easy Selection of LEDs to encourage people to switch to higher efficiency lighting. The hand-picked selection offers a range of affordable, ready-to-use products including LED panels, tubes, downlights and stairwell luminaires to make it easier for companies to switch to LED lighting.

The retrofit solutions offer an easy installation of each luminaire which eliminates the complexity of replacing existing lighting schemes. The selection of luminaires picked by Aura Light’s in-house lighting experts also offer exceptional energy savings of up to 50% which will reduce the overall costs of the lighting scheme when compared with lower performance traditional lamps. The LED luminaires don’t have to be replaced as often as they last significantly longer than other lamps.

Simon Taylor, Managing Director of Aura Light UK commented, “With our expansion into the LED market we recognised the need for high quality yet easy to use luminaires for applications such as offices or other small commercial properties. For this reason we have carefully created a selection of reliable products that can be used for just this, without the hassle of installing a complex LED lighting scheme. Each product is affordable and still offers an immediate payback due to the reduced running costs and will continue to save companies a significant amount of money over time.”

Within the selection is Aura Light’s LED downlights, using Chip on Board (COB) technology to provide an intense array of LED light without any glare and offering a high luminous efficacy. Available in various sizes ranging from 11W to 45W at either 60° or 90° beam angles, the downlights can be used in offices, corridors, shops or other public areas for both general and spot lighting, with products available to meet a wide range of requirements. The LED downlights can be installed with a simple on/off function, or using DALI dimming controls to save on wasted energy where possible.

The Easy Selection also offers a range of low profile, LED panels which can be used as an energy efficient retrofit replacement of traditional 600mm x 600mm fluorescent luminaires. Particularly suitable for offices, hospitals and schools, the panels are integrated into ceiling grid schemes for a seamless finish to any room. The luminaires are particularly hygienic as they do not gather dirt or dust like typical recessed luminaires and require very little cleaning. Available in three different wattages, the low energy luminaires are rated A+, proving highly efficient whilst offering significantly reduced costs. Like LED downlights, panels can also be delivered with an external driver with DALI dimming controls to enhance energy savings.

Aura Light’s Easy Selection LED Stairwell luminaire is an ideal solution for wall or ceiling mounted lighting. The luminaire uses an instant igniting technology to provide full powered bright light immediately to light stairwells and corridors that may become unsafe when lit poorly. With a discreetly built in Microwave sensor, the LED Stairwell luminaire lights up immediately to full effect when presence is detected and dims to 10% output. The sensitivity, time of delay, lux levels and detection distance can all be easily adjusted to suit the conditions of each application to prevent light being used unnecessarily. Available in 15W or 16W the LEDs are housed inside a robust polycarbonate casing and can be used for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications.

Also available within the range is Aura Light’s T8 LED Retrofit tube which can be used to upgrade all T8 fluorescent tube lamps using magnetic ballasts. The new LED tubes allow customers to easily replace existing lighting with minimal effort without investing in a new, expensive lighting scheme. Also rated A+ the tube lighting is available in 10W, 18W and 22W to significantly reduce the energy consumption and running costs of a wide range of applications including offices, supermarkets, and retail properties and for use on commercial signs.

All of the products within the Easy Selection can be combined to meet the requirements of any individual project.


Aura Light