Silver's Travel Plaza & Casino completes LED lighting upgrade after Eco-Smart and AMBEST presentation

May 25, 2016
Savings of over $28,000.00 per Year

Breaux Bridge, LA – Silver’s Travel Plaza & Casino, located in Breaux Bridge, LA, has upgraded all its outdoor and store interior lighting to energy efficient LED technology. Owner Greg Barro made the investment for a variety of reasons, one being a brighter and clearer light color making the facility more inviting. The outdoor lights also create a safer environment as the shadows and yellowish light from the old bulbs is eliminated. Not only are the lights more attractive and safer, they save a tremendous amount of money as the LED's 50 to 75 percent reduced wattage and much longer lifespan create lower utility bills and all but eliminate maintenance expenses as compared to light burn out and ballast upkeep of the older lighting technology replaced. The changes to the property are projected to save over $267,000.00 in energy and maintenance costs and reduce CO2 emissions by over three million pounds from reduced power plant emissions over the 11-plus year life expectancy of the LED lamps. Silvers Travel Plaza estimates that their return on investment for the purchase of the LED upgrade is over 80% per year.

Safer, clearer, lower cost - made this a “no-brainer” for Silver’s Travel Plaza, and has worked out so well that Mr. Barro is planning to undergo a similar upgrade next at his Rayne, LA facility, Frog City Travel Plaza & Casino. Both of these sites are part of the member owned AMBEST nationwide chain of travel plazas.

Mr. Barro learned of this technology when he attended the AMBEST annual meeting in 2015 and saw a joint presentation by Eco-$mart, Inc. of Sarasota, Florida and fellow AMBEST member Jim Miller of Ports to Plains in Colorado. The presentation described the process and success of these types of affordable LED lighting improvements that Eco-$mart had performed for Mr. Miller who was happy to share the results with his fellow members.

AMBEST has recommended Eco-Smart as a Valued Vendor for their membership to utilize.

For more information, please contact either Greg Barro, Owner of Silver’s Travel Plaza, (318) 617-9845 or Brian Dombrowski, Eco-$mart, Inc., 408-499-2633.


Wayne Ammons, Regional Director- Eco-Smart