AGC Lighting's HiRack linear LED light is brilliant in American warehouse application

May 24, 2016
Recently, AGC Lighting has won a big warehouse project with its unparalled LED advantage because of its perfect warehouse lighting solution provided in the HiRack linear LED light. The end user is very satisfied with 600lux level at ground at 9m installation height, suitable fixture to fixture distance and even light distribution for all building.

During the lunch time, the customer is very pleased to share the tough process of selecting lighting for this project. The story goes like this: actually, the customer has spent more than 1 year in testing many different LED or traditional lighting, but they can’t get desirable result. At last, they have to look for lights on internet, it is by accidental, they found the LED linear high bay of AGC lighting, just at the first glimpse of this product, the customer knows that’s what they are looking for. They purchased 20pcs sample immediately for testing, but they haven’t stated the beam angle clearly for their sample, they chose 30x70 and 120 degree and spent about 4 month in doing serious quality testing, as an old Chinese proverb goes: true blue will never stain, the test result is very good and they decided to release bulk order; But before releasing the 700pcs bulk order, the sales man suggests that it is better to choose 60x90 degree for HiRack area and 120 degree for open area, considering the expertise of AGC lighting, the customer finally accepted the suggestion of the sales man. After finishing installation,the customer was surprised and knew very well why they should adopt 60x90 degree, firstly, 30x70 is too narrow, there will be glare problem, second, 60x90 avoid completely the dark area at the top end of HiRack, third, light distribution is more even. In addition, this light can match very well with the microwave motion sensor function so that the end user can save more energy and enjoy more the pleasant taste by this intelligent lighting control solution.

As a professional manufacture of LED industrial lighting, AGC Lighting pursues always constant improvement and innovation, they now develop several new beam angle according to experience accumulated by recent several big project so that they can provide better warehouse lighting solution, the customer and AGC lighting are convinced that they can do better by this spirit in the future.


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