Aura Light's futuristic LED street light has smart features

April 29, 2016
Aura Light has taken a step into the future with its new Indico LED road and street light luminaire. The innovative exterior lighting solution not only breathes a stylish and contemporary design but incorporates intelligent features to create an advanced street lighting scheme.

Launched last year by Aura Light UK’s parent company in Sweden, the Indico LED street light is now available in the UK and across Europe to modernise street lighting. The luminaire is available in 35W, 60W, 90W and 120W for a low-energy LED street lighting solution to replace less efficient HPS street lamps.

Aura Light has designed Indico for complete ease-of-use whilst producing exceptional energy savings for the ultimate solution for local authorities, architects and specifiers. The LED street light can be opened without using any tools by a small, discreet hatch on the side of the body which will automatically lock into position to increase the ease of maintenance. This feature is supported by an automatic switch-off function using a 2-pole safety circuit breaker, which is activated when the body is opened to eliminate any safety risks.

The LEDs are incorporated using a modular design, which improves the lifetime of the luminaire as these, as well as the LED driver, can easily be replaced and upgraded.

Indico also offers variation within a scheme with a ± 15° adjustable bracket to change light distribution as required. This can be particularly useful for applications in car parks and pedestrian zones where a broader light distribution is required across large spaces. Narrower distribution can also be an effective way of lighting objects or safety routes.

Besides its innovative features, Indico is also a high performing LED street light with excellent energy efficiency. With the ability to produce up to 118 lumens per circuit watt and a total package of up to 12,000lm, schemes using the Indico luminaire can expect to see exceptional energy savings as well as a significantly improved light source. Automatic night-dimming controls can also be added to reduce light levels to 50% or 30% throughout the night to enhance the energy savings generated. The luminaire is available in 4000K colour temperature as standard, which will produce a cool-white light that will light dark spaces efficiently.

As an exterior luminaire, Aura Light has designed the Indico to ensure that it is able to withstand constant changes in weather and other damaging conditions. The luminaire is housed in an IP66 rated die-cast aluminium streamline casing, with IK08 impact resistant front glass to ensure that it is fully protected from dust and water. Cooling fins are also added to the 90W and 120W models to help regulate the temperature generated by the LEDs.

Since its launch in Sweden, Aura Light’s Indico has proved popular in many industries, including the Municipality of Lessebo and leading hospitality wholesaler, Martin & Severa.


Aura Light