Venture Lighting upgrades LED high bays to create premium industrial luminaire

April 4, 2016
Venture Lighting Europe has created yet another highly efficient, energy saving solution for industrial lighting schemes with its new and advanced VLED Highbay Pro. The luminaire is an upgrade of the company’s established VLED IDT LED high bay which has been used for numerous applications across the UK.

As the range’s premium product, the VLED Highbay Pro is similar to the original LED high bay products in terms of application, however is more advanced in performance and output, whilst offering a choice of reflectors and beam angles.

Like all of Venture’s VLED luminaires, the Highbay Pro offers a more sustainable and energy saving alternative to fluorescent or HID lamps, which are associated with high running costs and regular maintenance requirements. The superior performance and low energy output of the VLED Highbay Pros will significantly reduce these costs and requirements to provide a fast return on investment.

Available in 100W, 150W or 200W, the VLED Highbay Pro offers a solution for all application requirements and allows companies to use various outputs across the scheme to save energy where possible. The luminaire also offers an excellent efficacy of 100 lumens per circuit watt with an overall package of up to 20,000 lumens to offer optimal light levels across the application. Having such high levels of light can significantly improve the safety of the environment which is particularly crucial in sites that use storage and machinery.

The LED high bay can be mounted at heights up to 12 metres with a standard beam angle of 120 degrees for a wide light distribution to cover large areas of factory or warehouse floors, which reduces the number of luminaires needed across the application. Aluminium or borosilicate glass reflectors can also be added to narrow the beam angle to 60, 70 or 90 degrees for a more targeted distribution in aisles or corridors. These reflectors do not affect the quality of light transmitted and are able to withstand the high heat that is generated by the LEDs.

Like Venture’s original VLED Highbays, the Highbay Pro utilises the company’s innovative Integrated Driver Technology (IDT) which incorporates the LED driver into the body of the luminaire. This advanced technology removes the need for a separate driver which will allow the luminaire to achieve its expected 50,000 hour life. This ensures that a lighting scheme does not lose any light from failed products which could compromise the safety of the environment.

The luminaire also adopts the original VLED Highbays’ incorporated smart heat-sink unit to maximise the dissipation of the heat from the LEDs. This built-up heat is known to damage the performance of the luminaire and reduce its life expectancy. Having this highly efficient thermal management system also ensures the 50,000 hour life is achievable. The luminaire carries a five year guarantee.

Suitable for a wide range of applications, particularly in an industrial setting, the VLED LED high bay has been designed to withstand the most demanding of conditions. The luminaire is created using a robust aluminium casing and polycarbonate lens that is IP65 rated to make it fully protected from dust and water jets. The aluminium and borosilicate reflectors, as well as the luminaire casing itself, are also resistant to a broad temperature range to make it suitable for high-heat manufacturing factories as well as refrigerated produce stores.

The VLED Highbay Pro has colour rendering index (CRI) of 80Ra at a colour temperature of either 4000k or 5000k to offer a solution that is most suitable for the requirements of each application. These colour temperatures both produce a cool, high quality light that improves the visibility within the area.


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