AGC Lighting's 120W HiRack LED fixture lights warehouse aisles in Malaysian cold factory environment

April 21, 2016
A Malaysian customer chose our 120w HiRack LED fixture for warehouse aisle lighting for loading area, and 150W HiCloud for cold room rack warehouse, they are fully satisfied with both products after installation.

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Customer's testimonial: "We install HiRack and HiCloud both, HiRack at coldroom racking warehouse and HiCloud at loading area. That is very good product and we are fully satisfied for both product."

About the project:
About -30~-25°C in cold room, 9.3m mounting height. 4000K CCT, Aisle width is 3.7m.
The HiCloud also installed in the Cold room but empty room, it is a buffer room from hot dry area to freezer.

About HiRack warehouse aisle lighting:
The HiRack LED fixture for warehouse aisle lighting is designed to replace traditional HID lights in a variety of applications, especially for warehouses, chambers, packing houses, and cold storage plants with high rack layouts. The lighting pattern is rectangular, which compatible with the shape of aisles to reduce wasted luminous output on the top and upper portions of the racks. The luminaire lifespan is as long as 60,000 hours at 25° ambient temperature. With innovative optics and a thermally efficient design, the fixture achieves efficacy up to 125 lm/W.

About AGC Lighting:
AGC Lighting, located in Shenzhen, specializes in industrial LED lighting, including LED high bays, Linear high bays, floodlights, street lights, etc. All of our lighting fixtures meet safety standards and entry requirements of our target markets with CE, UL and SAA certificates. You are welcome to visit our website for more information.


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