Bright Spark Solar outdoor LED area lighting automatically brightens and dims during evening hours

April 7, 2016
The new Solar Walkway Light 500 is the latest product to be released in a range of exciting solar powered outdoor LED area lighting from Bright Spark Solar.

Designed for pole mounting, the Solar Walkway Light 500 provides a powerful independent lighting solution using free solar energy, and is ideal for numerous applications including gardens, parks, hotels, marinas, camp sites, holiday parks, farms and any location where connection to the mains is not readily available.

Using the latest advanced technology in solar panels, lithium-ion batteries and LED lighting, the Solar Walkway Light 500 produces a powerful 500 lumens of useful light from its 24 super-bright LEDs. When dusk falls, an integrated light sensor switches the LED area lighting on at 500 lumens for five hours, then dimming by 25% until dawn. An in-built PIR sensor triggers the light to the full 500 lumens when any motion is detected within five metres and a 120 degree field.

This professional luminaire is designed with a stylish aluminium alloy body, is weatherproof to IP65, and measures 505mm long x 227mm wide and just 164mm deep. Using the sun’s energy for free light, this independent lighting solution means that there is no need to dig trenches, lay power cables and call in an expensive electrician to wire up to the mains.

Once the Solar Walkway Light 500 is installed in an unshaded position, just eleven hours of bright sunlight is all that is required to charge the luminaire to provide three nights of continuous lighting. A 1000 lumen version of the Solar Walkway Light is also available.

Guaranteed for three years, the Solar Walkway LED Light 500 retails at £146 plus VAT.

Further information on the Solar Walkway LED Light 500 is available from Bright Spark Solar on 01628 637111 or 07968-751574, by emailing [email protected] or by visiting the company’s website.


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