Goldmore LED flashlights pass CE certification testing

April 14, 2016
Goldmore has successfully provided a declaration of conformity for its LED flashlights, which have so far passed the CE testing certifications. The CE marking system is vital for all products that are sold in the European market.

“This is a good news to our workforce and partners in this noble course that we started last year to ensure that all our LED flashlights and other products have CE mark attached to on them,” said Ixchel Chun, GoldMore marketing manager. He made this announcement while at the company’s headquarters in Ningbo, China.

CE is a quality mark that should be attached to all products sold in the European market. It certifies that the product meets the minimum requirements as per the European legislations.

Why should GoldMore LED flashlights conform to CE requirements?
LED lighting is a breakthrough technology that is efficient and cost effective. However, regulation is a critical aspect. It is for this reason that European authorities are concerned about both their performance and safety.

For the GoldMore LED flashing lights to pass the CE tests, it implies that the equipment has been tested to conform to the set directives. These LED flashlights are designed for general illumination.

It implies that, they fulfill safety and performance requirements as per the:

1.Low voltage directive - 2006/95/EC
2.Electro-magnetic compatibility directive - 2004/108/EC
3.Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive -2011/65/EC
4.Eco Design Directive - 2009/125/EC

Throughout the manufacturing process, GoldMore has adopted a strict manufacturing process to ensure that an LED confirms to these regulations.
Last year, GoldMore had signed a number of memorandum of understanding with accredited testing laboratories in both China and Europe. This enabled the company to compare the test results with those from their laboratories.

Product resellers and distributors can request for copies conformity documents. This is basically for the purposes of transparency and to ascertain that the company upholds quality manufacturing process in the LED industry. This includes various test reports from both the accredited and factory labs.
This is a guarantee that GoldMore LED flashlights meet a high standard of performance.

Are GoldMore LED flashlights safe?
These LED flashlights are safe. This is actually the importance of CE Testing Certification. In fact, these LED flashlights also meet the recommended IEC safety laws. This is mandatory in the EN safety requirements.

Closely related to this is the photo-biological requirements for LED products. The CE certification also puts into consideration EN/IEC 6247. This is a crucial requirement that regulates all LED lighting products exposed to skin and eye. It is the same regulation that is also highlighted under the low voltage directive. The CE certification process provides a reliable and trusted framework that ensures consumers and end users are safe from LED flashlight products.

Speaking at a news conference in Ningbo, head of quality assurance department reiterated that LED flashlights and quality certification will be a continuous process. This ensures consistency in the manufacturing process. So far, GoldMore LED lighting systems meet the highest standard of quality criteria and they are available in both American and European markets.

About GoldMore
Since the inauguration of GoldMore in 2008, the company has become a top-rated LED light products manufacturer. The company manufactures and supplies LED camping light, LED flashlight, LED night light and LED headlamp among others. The products offer total cost advantage and quality manufacturing process. Over the years, GoldMore has adopted an advanced quality inspection process that involves the manufacturing of raw materials and final products with a number of inspection process in the production line. The company has also embarked on LED light research.


Sunny Sun, Product Manager - GoldMore