Hitoplux designs new linear LED lighting trunking system

Hitoplux is professional LED high bay light manufacturer, and recently developed new linear LED lighting trunking system, which is innovative tool-less linear LED lighting system, consisting of electronic trunking rails, luminaires, and accessories.

It is a excellent solution for updating traditional linear lighting system and also optimal for implementing new installations.


• The wire in the trunking with pre-assembled connectors make it possible to join trunking units without the use of any tools, largely save much labor cost;

• A wide range of optics from 30 degree to 120 degree distribution, as well as double asymmetric distribution, which is optimal for shelves of warehouse & supermarket, corridors, aisles, car parking places, museum, and etc

• X, L and T Standard Module Node connectors with electrical feed-in and feed-out for easily connecting with electricity.

• Dimming and Motion sensor optional

According to its easy-installation and precise beam shaping, the linear trunking system is ideal soluiton for almost all linear lighting applications.

How do you think of this design?


Sunkey Tan - Shenzhen Hitoplux Optoelectronic Co., Ltd.
Skype: sunkey.tan
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