Independence LED Lighting receives top ranking for LED high bay fixtures in 17,000-23,000-lm category

July 28, 2016
Greater Philadelphia, PA – Independence LED announces that they have earned the number one ranking for high bays in the category of 10,000-15,000 lumens by the latest GREENandSAVE Report. The report covers performance metrics beyond the typical lumens per watt and includes:
Lumens per Dollar
Lumens per Dollar over Warrantied Life
Dollars per Lumen
Dollars per Lumen over Warrantied Life
The GREENandSAVE Report was based on comprehensive research over Q2 2016, and it includes rankings of the top 10 LED high bay fixtures.

The Report says, “Many consumers interested in using energy efficient LED high bays find themselves washed away by a disorganized mess of information. Buyers look for low cost LED High bays with reliable performance. Because the new pushes towards green energy have been so fruitful over the last decade, it has become increasingly difficult to stay current. Certainly some businesses and business owners turn away from going green and saving money simply because they are discouraged by the chaos of the energy scene. For this reason, it is key to the success of the green movement around the world that information be collected and synthesized frequently for the benefit of the consumers. The list provided in this article is a value ranking of the products in one of the most, if not the most, proven energy saving industries – LED lighting.

When measuring the value of LED lights, there are several possible metrics to base a conclusion off of. For the purpose of this article, Lumens per Dollar over Warrantied life (lumens*Warranty/price) is considered to be the most valuable statistic, because it incorporates the value of the fixture and quality. After hours of research, the following list has been compiled based off of hundreds of high bays and producers. These 5 high bays are the best on the market in the tier 2 category of 17000-23000 lumens, which could typically replace an 8 tube T8 32W fixture (approximately 256W), a 6 tube T5 HO 54W fixture (approximately 324W), or a 400W Metal Halide (approximately 450W with the ballast factor). The directional lumens of these traditional fixtures is variable based on the lens, reflectors and housings. Even though lumens per dollar was used to rank these fixtures, more information is provided, because efficiency and warranty are also key components of any purchasing decision.”

The CEO of Independence LED Lighting, Charlie Szoradi, said, “This is a great recognition of our advanced engineering and focus on cost-effective lighting solutions. Made in America illumination technology is increasingly top of mind for buyers that want reliable quality, and now we are competitive with Chinese imports.”

These are the specifications of the winning high bay fixture, ranked by the top Lumens per Dollar over Warrantied Life:
#1 Ranking: Independence LED
LED High Bay Lumens: 21300
LED High Bay Watts: 162
LED High Bay Lumens per Watt: 131
LED High Bay Online Price: $295
LED High Bay Lumens per Dollar: 72
LED High Bay Dollars per Lumen: 0.0138
LED High Bay Warranty: 10 Years
LED High Bay Lumens per Dollar over Warrantied Life: 722
LED High Bay Dollars per Lumen over Warrantied Life (Price/(lumen * Warranty)): 0.0014
Made in the USA: Yes
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Charlie Szoradi, CEO - Independence LED Lighting
+1 610-551-5224