Blueview LED's 24-VDC linear LED light provides smooth, neon-like illumination

July 7, 2016
With decades of technology development, LEDs are getting mature and replaced neon completely, but occasionally, do you still miss how smooth and soft neon look like?

Or you have tried some LED flexible neon on the market, but suffered a lot for the poor stability and color shift due to the glue change into yellowish?

Now you have new choice! Here comes our silicone extrusion neon linear LED tape light!

You can trust them because:

1. 100% authentic silicone, strong ability against UV radiation, working properly under high working temperature and low working temperature, V-2 flame retardance
2. 4 ounces thick flexible PCB circuit board, make sure the brightness is consistent with length up to 100ft
3. Extremely flexible, can be cut by every 2.5 inches segment
4. Smooth and soft linear lighting effect, no hot spot or dark spot
5. UL listed, CE and RoHS approved
6. 5 years warranty

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