Alloy LED introduces PrimaLine XT LED tape light line for 40-ft runs

July 12, 2016
The US-based manufacturer and distributor of LED lighting products launches an exclusive LED linear light with an unparalleled combination of features.

EMERYVILLE, CA. Alloy LED has launched the PrimaLine XT LED Tape Light product line. Every tape product within the XT product line features an extended single maximum run length of 40 feet with up to 4.4 watts per foot of light output. Like the other tape lights in the PrimaLine linear LED product family, PrimaLine XT features an industry-leading 95 CRI (Color Rendering Index) and a 6-year warranty.

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PrimaLine XT is available in three brightness levels that indicate their wattage per foot: 1.5, 3, and 4.4. Unlike other long run tape products that are limited to 1.5 watts per foot output, Alloy LED’s PrimaLine XT is also available in both 3 and 4.4 watt per foot models. These high output models are exclusive products and are only available at Alloy LED. Long run XT tape products greatly reduce installation costs by allowing installers to go up to 40 feet without requiring multiple connections to a power supply. In some cases, this can reduce installation costs by up to 50%. This dimmable LED tape light is especially useful in long run installations like hallways, soffits, and coves. LED tape that can be installed in a single run also makes recessed and semi-visible applications like shelving possible while maintaining the integrity of a lighting design.

Alloy has also released a new universal tape light connector with an industry-leading 8 Amp limit sufficient for connecting full runs of PrimaLine XT tape to low voltage power. This high amperage connector means installers can use the same connector on any XT product for a solder-free installation. New 24V DC power supplies specified for full runs of XT tape round out the XT products for a complete solution.

Alloy LED President Joe Flynn says, “The PrimaLine XT family is a great illustration of why we started this company. We engineered the circuits of this tape to solve a real-world problem that installers deal with every day, and this will help customers enjoy greatly reduced installation costs. XT also has an ultra-high 95 CRI light quality rating with high R9 and R13 values to ensure that our lights not only illuminate objects perfectly, they also provide a healthy alternative to low CRI lights that can affect sleeping and can contribute to a host of other health problems.”

Cheaper 70-80 CRI tape light often dulls colors, making them appear less saturated and shifting their true colors to be cooler or warmer than they are. PrimaLine XT also features very tight LED binning, which ensures color consistency throughout all the LED chips in a run of tape light. All PrimaLine models include a 6-year warranty.

About: Alloy LED is a manufacturer and distributor of superior LED lighting solutions that enhance the way people live and work. Alloy offers products through wholesale and commercial sales channels.


Joe Flynn, President - Alloy LED