ERCO Quintessence recessed LED luminaires are IP65 rated for outdoor lighting

July 8, 2016
The vision of illuminating grand entrances, roofed areas, arcades and other outdoor architecture with creativity and precision whilst meeting superior standards of visual comfort and efficiency has become a reality. The new Quintessence recessed luminaires now take the sophistication of qualitative lighting design in indoor projects to the outdoor area. With innovative digital photometric solutions encased in robust housings, the Quintessence downlights, wallwashers and directional luminaires with IP65 rating perform equally well in indoor applications that call for a high degree of protection against moisture and dust.

Upgrading the new Quintessence range to full digital capabilities for the outdoor area, ERCO has optimised all parameters consistently for state-of-the-art optoelectronics. Embracing LED recessed luminaires as downlights, lens wallwashers and directional luminaires, and with a logical structure across the range, the result allows for differentiated lighting concepts with maximum freedom in design – in an architectural context, connecting spaces by interpreting transitions from the inside and outside.

Long life, low maintenance and homogeneous aesthetics of an outdoor lighting installation require an uncompromising approach to quality. With this in mind, ERCO primarily uses proprietary components – from lenses and reflectors through to LED modules and control gear. Rated at IP65, the robust cast aluminium housings of the luminaires provide complete protection against dust and jets of water from all directions, whilst sophisticated thermal management optimises the operating conditions for digital technology. For enhanced overall efficiency of the lighting concept, the new Quintessence IP65 range delivers further enhancements, such as reduced recess depths, large luminaire spacing and consistently higher light output ratios than comparable predecessors.

Downlights IP65: The new formula for efficient visual comfort:
The Quintessence downlights IP65 mark the advance with optimised angles: Innovative digital photometrics produce an extra wide batwing light distribution with a 90° emission angle and a 40° cut-off for optimal uniformity, delivering a feat that previously had proved elusive. As a result, the luminaires can be spaced up to 50% further apart, thereby minimising the investment, installation and operating costs. At the same time, the optical system, consisting of diffuser lens and darklight reflector, produces a superbly uniform beam with high cylindrical illuminances that enhance aspects such as facial recognition – and with it, the sense of security in outdoor areas. The Quintessence IP65 range of downlights offers lumen packages as high as 3300lm, with a connected load of up to 24W, resulting in powerful illumination particularly from large heights, such as under cantilever roofs or in open atriums. The high cut-off angle provides efficient visual comfort. The minimised recess depth facilitates effective lighting solutions in projects involving tight spaces.

Lens wallwashers and directional luminaires for flexible design:
The distinct functional design of the Quintessence outdoor range reflects ERCO’s approach to light as the fourth dimension of architecture and urban development, recognising its value as a design tool in its own right, to structure space, create scenic effect, facilitate orientation and draw attention through dynamic accentuation. As a keystone in the concept of efficient visual comfort, vertical illuminance requires special consideration. It is with this in mind that ERCO has now completely redesigned the Quintessence wallwashers IP65 to deliver superb uniformity on vertical surfaces that define spatial limits, for a bright and homogeneous impression. The special wallwasher lens with asymmetrical light distribution ensures excellent glare control with an unusually good cut-off angle of 80° on the outward facing side. As a result, the wallwashers can be spaced exceptionally far apart, taking cost-efficiency to an entirely new level.

The directional luminaires in the Quintessence IP65 range are made for applications where objects on walls or in roofed areas are to be accentuated, combining the flexibility of projectors with the formally understated mounting solution of a downlight. The beams can be tilted up to 20° from the vertical and rotated through 360°. With an optical system consisting of collimating and Spherolit lenses, supported by a darklight reflector, the luminaire sets new standards in precise light guidance with excellent glare control. The three light distributions narrow spot, spot and flood project the light flexibly and without loss onto the target surface – enabling efficient lighting solutions for outdoor projects.

Optimised for enhanced lumen maintenance:
The Quintessence outdoor range covers lumen packages from 210lm (directional luminaires) through to 3300lm (downlights and wallwashers), with a connected load ranging between 2W and 24W. Light colours include warm white (3000K) and neutral white (4000K). Thanks to significant in-house development and production of optoelectronic components as well as sophisticated thermal management in the housing, ERCO is always in control of its digital lighting tools, ensuring maximum longevity. ERCO ensures that at least 90% of all LEDs achieve more than 90% of the original luminous flux for up to 50,000 hours. Effectively, this means that the luminous flux of no more than 10% of all LEDs in this period reduces to 90% or less (L90/B10). The failure rate of individual LEDs used at ERCO is only 0.1% within these 50,000 hours – even then, the luminaire remains fully operational. All Quintessence IP65 recessed luminaires can be dimmed down continuously to 1% and are optionally available as a switchable version or for DALI dimming.

Picture: Digital Quintessence expertise for the outdoor area: The ERCO recessed luminaires with IP65 rating are a robust solution for qualitative lighting design in roofed outdoor areas. Copyright Image: ERCO GmbH,


Nina Reetzke, Press Officer - ERCO GmbH

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