Smartstrip from ilumi offers outdoor linear LED lighting with Bluetooth Mesh connectivity

July 8, 2016
DALLAS - –Expanding its portfolio of innovative smart lighting products, ilumi solutions announces a new series of app-controlled, outdoor-rated and colorful LED light strips. The Mark Cuban-backed and Shark Tank-funded ilumi is returning to the crowdfunding community to bring its Smartstrip to life via Kickstarter. The Smartstrip furthers the ilumi mission to help consumers achieve better living through better lighting.

The ilumi Smartstrip incorporates a number of industry firsts, including Bluetooth Mesh wireless connectivity, outdoor-rated materials, and uniquely bright digitally addressable RGB+W LEDs. This unique combination enables the Smartstrip to be the most flexible and functional lighting strip on the market. Enabled through ilumi’s free iOS and Android app, the Smartstrip can be controlled from smartphones and tablets up to 150 feet away without the need for a hub, survive in the outdoors through tough weather conditions, and illuminate any and all colors within the spectrum from bright functional whites to rich hues.

The Smartstrip’s digitally addressable nature enables each LED to be controlled and change color independently of any other, creating dynamic effects and patterns that add interest and atmosphere to homes, bars, venues, workspaces and more. Additionally, the ilumi Smartstrip utilizes a novel and patent pending RGB+W digital LED strip design created by ilumi that overcomes the brightness limitations of white light experienced by competing digitally addressable LED strips. This clever design allows a user to enjoy any shade of bright white light from warm to cool for everyday use as well as activate dynamic colorful effects.

The Smartstrip comes with an adhesive backing and is IP65-rated for an easy installation process, allowing consumers to effortlessly liven any indoor or outdoor space. For example, users can install the ilumi Smartstrip behind a bed’s headboard and schedule a Maui morning sunrise to wake up feeling relaxed and ready for the day. Users can place the Smartstrip underneath kitchen cabinetry and seamlessly transition atmospheres from bright white light for meal preparation to a warm glow when entertaining guests. Its outdoor rating allows the Smartstrip to be placed around a front or back porch awning. Consumers can create schedules or activate a vacation mode for their lighting to deter intruders, create special lighting affects to celebrate holidays, or show pride for their favorite sports teams on game days.

The Smartstrip works in tandem with ilumi’s family of connected lighting products, and is built with the same patented technology and features, including:
• MeshTek Bluetooth Mesh connectivity to make setup easy and scalability to support up to 50 ilumi connected devices
• Built-in memory and a real-time clock so a user’s schedules and preferences are stored inside every light for the right light, at the right time
• Enhanced color quality and brightness, emitting 1500 lumens and a range that supports warm white, to cool white, and rich saturated colors
• Control via most iOS and Android smartphones or tablets through the free ilumi app, where users can take advantage of a suite of exciting and useful experiences to help find, set, and schedule the right lighting to fit the space and the time of day

“We wanted to go beyond the lightbulb while staying true to our mission of helping people unlock the power of light and really achieve good lighting in the easiest way possible,” said Corey Egan, CEO and Co-Founder of ilumi. “The dynamic effects of the ilumi Smartstrip are going to transform people’s homes like they couldn’t even imagine.”

The ilumi Smartstrip collection is available now on Kickstarter for an introductory price of $59 and will retail for $89 when fully available in December 2016. The base level ilumi Smartstrip kit comes with a universal 24V power supply, in-line Bluetooth controller and six feet (two meters) of the flexible strip. The length of the Smartstrip can easily be extended with extensions in lengths of three feet (one meter) and a Kickstarter exclusive of 13 feet (four meters) and long extensions that are easily connected up to a full length of 10 meters total. Additional pledges for the Smartstrip include packages that offer the entire ilumi family of products, such as the new BR30 Outdoor. The ilumi Smartstrip will begin shipping to supporters by December 2016. For more information, visit

About ilumi solutions:
ilumi solutions, inc. transforms ordinary things into extraordinary experiences, beginning with light. The company was founded by MBA classmates in 2011, launched multiple crowdfunding campaigns raising more than $565,000 in support, and procured a $350,000 investment from billionaire Mark Cuban through an appearance on Shark Tank. Based out of Dallas, Texas, the company holds six issued patents and multiple patents pending covering a wide variety of smart lighting, advanced wireless networks and other unique technologies. The award winning ilumi Smartbulb was named best Bluetooth product of 2016 by the Bluetooth standard industry group, and ilumi was named one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s top 100 most brilliant companies of 2015.


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