ACG Electronics' AltiLED7 LED high bay luminaire delivers 13,000 lm

July 8, 2016
Ankara, Turkey - ACG Electronics the industrial LED lighting manufacturer from Turkey has now released the new version of AltiLED7 High Bay Luminaire. With more than 13.000 lumens and 125 lumens/watt efficiency.

The AltiLED7 luminaires are being tested in real industrial locations since 2010 and has already reached 45.000 hours lifetime without any failures. Now the same LED driver is modified to reach 91% efficiency, 0.98 power factor and 16% THD.

With built-in protection for surge, short-circuit and open-LED it provides a reliable alternative to sodium or metal halide lamps. 5000K being the standard production, now it is available in 3000K, 4300K and 5700K color temperatures.

"We only use ceramic LEDs of reliable manufacturers" states Cenker Karaeren, Sales Manager of ACG Electronics. "According to the Cree's reliability reports, Mid-power LEDs with plastic (PPA) packages experience a fast drop in light output as well as great shift in color".

About Us
ACG Electronics is an industrial LED lighting luminaires manufacturer based on Ankara, Turkey. Our primary goal is developing high quality, high reliability luminaires for industrial locations. It is also our goal to try and educate our customers with real information about LED Lighting, and how to convert from their older style lights over to LED.


Mr. Cenker Karaeren, Sales Manager - ACG Electronics