Keystone Technologies introduces direct drive HID replacement LED lamps

July 27, 2016
NORTH WALES, PA: Keystone Technologies continues to expand their line of LED lamps with the introduction of DirectDrive LED Replacement Lamps for HID applications. The new HID LED lamps provide exceptional light output and efficiency with lumens per watt as high as 140. Wattage options range from 20-100 watts to replace conventional HID lamps up to 400W.

The higher wattage lamps are designed with Keystone’s innovative SmartCool technology. A thermal sensor in the lamp activates during extreme high temperature conditions. Power to the lamp is then reduced by up to 20% to cool the lamp and maintain lamp life. Once the sensor reaches an acceptable temperature, the lamp gradually returns to full light output.

The HID LED Replacements are built with DirectDrive technology, which means installers by-pass the ballast and connect line voltage directly to the sockets. “Energy savings of up to 70% are immediate, so upgrading to LED is an easy decision,” said Ira Greenberg, CEO of Keystone. “It’s too expensive not to convert to LED.”

Keystone is fully focused on expanding their line of LED products and systems. Josh Brown, VP of Distributor Sales, noted, “We are more than just ballasts now and can provide one-stop-shopping for our customers, whatever their LED requirements. It’s all about Light Made Easy.”


Josh Brown - Keystone Technologies LLC
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