Jarvis Lights increases brightness of LED canopy retrofit kits

June 29, 2016
Elk Grove Village, Illinois – Jarvis Corp announces improved brightness and increased efficiency for its SCRT-320 LED Canopy Light Retrofit Kit. Light output has improved 33% to 14,680 lumens. The SCRT-320 is now DesignLights Consortium® Premium Qualified and is eligible for government and utility rebates.

The SCRT-320 is a retrofit kit designed to upgrade existing 320W metal halide canopy fixtures. The upgrade kit uses 71% less energy than older fixtures and features a typical lifetime of 75,000 hours. The SCRT-320 is a true retrofit kit which leaves the existing light fixture installed and upgrades it. The SCRT-320 replaces all electrical and glass components on the old light fixture.

“When designing the SCRT-320, our goal was to provide a fast installation to create maximum value for the customer,” said Lauren Strandberg, Product Compliance Manager. “This retrofit kit now offers even more brightness with the same simple installation.”

View full product specifications at www.jarvislights.com/products/

About Jarvis Corp
Jarvis Corp is a privately-held manufacturer of lighting products. Jarvis Corp’s mission is to make lighting more efficient. Jarvis Corp manufactures its products in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.

Jarvis Corp’s product line features lighting for commercial and industrial applications including parking lot lighting, security lighting, gas station canopy lighting, and commercial facility lighting. For more information visit www.jarvislights.com or call (800) 363-1075.


Kirby Corkill, President - Jarvis Lights
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