MyLEDLightingGuide releases new high-lumen-output LED retrofit kits

June 17, 2016
MyLEDLightingGuide has changed the market for efficiently upgrading HID lighting fixtures with the release of our latest generation of LED Retrofit Kits. This new family of retrofit kits are the most energy efficient models we have offered, all above 130 lumens/watt and most achieving 150 lumens/watt efficiencies, which the competition just can't compete with.

"Because they are so efficient, we were able to qualify and get approval on DLC Premium" says Dwayne Kula, president of "When we compare our product offering to our competition, they aren't even close. We produce more lumens with our 105 Watt retrofit kit than one of our competitors retrofit at 135 Watts. And since the idea of converting over to LED is to save energy, why would you want to consume 30 more watts to produce less light? It doesn't make sense."

There are a total of 11 models in our fourth generation of LED Retrofit Kits, designed to replace existing Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium and Mercury Vapor in their existing fixtures. Our smallest model is a 30W unit producing 4,202 lumens designed to replace 100-150W MH at 140 lumens/watt and our largest is 350W producing 47,119 lumens designed to replace 1000W+ MH at 134 lumens/watt. And keep in mind, the power consumption of our products is lower than the competition, all while giving off more light.

Guiding consumers towards more energy efficient, high in quality products, is our main goal, and we are achieving that by providing consumer a superior product when it comes to LED lighting solutions. We really just want to save some serious energy, all while creating a quicker ROI for our consumers.

About Us
It is our primary goal at to help our commercial customers save energy and money by using safe, efficient LED lighting for their facilities. It is also our goal to try and educate our customers with real information about LED Lighting, and how to convert from their older style lights over to LED. You won't find a shopping cart on our site. It was our experience previously that what the customer thought he needed was not what he should have purchased. So we would rather take the time to educate and recommend the proper product LED solutions for our customers' requirements.

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Dwayne Kulad - MyLEDLightingGuide