Aura Light introduces new architectural LED luminaire

June 10, 2016
Propel is the latest striking architectural LED luminaire from Aura Light that offers an exciting and colourful addition to offices and public spaces.

This three part luminaire can be specified in any colour from the NCS* range and displayed in various positions to give the desired look to match the interior of any space, whilst offering excellent light levels and energy savings.

The stylish and contemporary design of Propel can be used to simply blend in with a colour scheme, or as a creative focal point for new or modern refurbished rooms.

Propel is another of Aura Light’s specialist architectural luminaires that is designed by Swedish lighting designer Joachim Engstrand, and is manufactured in Sweden, the company’s home country. The design, based on the flexible shape and colour options, allows Propel to truly offer architects and specifiers the ability to choose a high performance lighting solution that matches all preferences, whether it is personal taste or to match an interior design scheme.

Available in an 80W output, Aura Light offers the Propel LED luminaire as a low energy replacement for a wide range of light sources as it can significantly reduce the overall running costs of the lighting scheme. With a 50,000 hour life time, the LED luminaire will eliminate regular lamp replacements and provide high performance lighting to a room for a longer period of time.

The frame of the luminaire is created using die-cast aluminium which allows for excellent thermal management as the heat from the LED light source is dissipated without any additional heat build-up. The luminaire also contains a microprism glare shield to improve the light distributed across the room.

To maximise the energy savings, Propel can be equipped with daylight and presence detectors to reduce the amount of light and energy used when there is enough ambient daylight to light the room, or if the room is not being used. Standard dimming controls are also incorporated into the luminaire to give workers full control of the light levels to meet their preferences.

Propel’s LEDs produce up to 82 lumens per circuit watt with an overall lumen package of 6560 for excellent performance and light quality, which is a key consideration for lighting in a workplace. The product is also supported by a five year guarantee to ensure customers benefit from the full life and energy cost savings that are expected.


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