Barthelme's AQUALUC LED striplight family gains a slimmer option for linear lighting

June 1, 2016
Barthelme LED Solutions, the Nuremberg family-managed company, has systematically expanded its proven AQUALUC family with the introduction of an even more space-saving, fully encapsulated LED striplight with high luminous efficiency. The high quality AQUALUC mini, with slender dimensions of only 10.5 x 5 mm and a minimum bending radius of 5 cm can be fitted in the most delicate of spaces and is ideally suited for outdoor applications. With an IP67/68 rating the slim light strip is excellent for general outdoor lighting, illumination in swimming pools and wellness areas, maritime lighting and garden and landscaping applications.

Installed in the AQUALUC mini are the newly developed Barthelme LEDlight flex High Efficiency LED stripes which are fitted with extremely efficient LEDs and have a light output of up to 118 lm/W with full encapsulation. LEDs of a single bin according to 3 step MacAdam per colour temperature are utilized, which ensure a carefree installation or mingling of batches in the case of project expansions or repeat orders. Due to this refined sorting the user of the LED striplight enjoys an absolute evenly distributed illumination.

As with the rest of the AQUALUC family, architects, designers and light planners can let their creativity run free and readily implement complex light designs. The elegant LED stripe from Barthelme can be integrated seamlessly in a wide variety of projects and provides a bright and clear illumination over the entire light-emitting surface. In addition, the minimal bending radius of only 5 cm enables the design of flowing forms. The encapsulation process in combination with the coating mixture makes the AQUALUC especially weather resistant: neither water, UV radiation, abrasion nor chemicals can affect the IP67/68 LED stripe from Barthelme. The encapsulation of the LED stripe consists of a polyurethane and ceramic blend providing excellent thermal characteristics which further increase the lifespan.

When it comes to individuality Barthelme LED Solutions fulfills diverse wishes: the innovative Nuremberg company offers its customers the AQUALUC mini in individual lengths from 10 cm onward and provides various connection possibilities, such as M8 connector and customized cable lengths. The smallest strip of the AQUALUC family is available in a wide range of white tones from 2700K to 6500K in the versions Standard, Bright, and High Brightness as well as RGB. Each version is available in a clear or frosted encapsulation.


Christian Döberlein, Corporate Communications Manager - Barthelme LED Solutions
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