Xeleum's MagFit LED tube series reduces assembly time for retrofits

June 13, 2016
Boynton Beach, Florida. Xeleum announced that its MagFit Series is being well received as a cost effective and highly reliable LED Tube Retrofit solution that greatly reduces assembly time in transforming a fluorescent fixture into DLC listed lighting.

Mehrdad Ghalebi, President of Xeleum stated, “We consider our MagFit Tube to be the best all-around LED tube retrofit solution in that it leaves the existing troffer in place, using it only as a location to which the tubes are attached with powerful magnets and optional screws.” He added, “A simple 2-wire harness is provided with each tube for the electrical hook-up to the incoming AC power lines, thus providing an elegant high-quality and simple to install retrofit from fluorescent to LED tubes in existing troffers. Most importantly, the two least reliable elements-the ballast and the tombstone connectors-are removed from the circuit.”

About Xeleum
Xeleum is an engineering based manufacturer of lighting and electronic products. With over 30 years of industry experience, our manufacturing facility is an ISO 9001-2008 certified operation with facilities in Boynton Beach, Florida, Mount Kisco, New York and Shenzhen, China. Most Xeleum LED lighting products are certified in accordance with the requirements of the Design Light Consortium (DLC).


Josh Miller - Xeleum Lighting, LLC