Syhdee releases PC LED tube for household and commercial lighting

Jan. 5, 2016
Product updates with each passing day - when Syhdee releases a new LED tube series it means better performance and product quality. This latest full PC LED tube has TUV and CE certification which is suitable for the European market. The upgraded PC LED tube is suitable for residential and commercial lighting applications. This tube can be installed as a direct replacement, with no need to change the electrical circuit, so anyone can install safely by themselves.

PC LED Tube Advantages:
1- PC material is low cost
2 - Suitable for LEDs, with great heat resistance
3 - High transmittance
4 - The softer light is more in line with human vision, etc.

PC LED Tube Structure:
Using PC as the body material, this LED tube series is more consistent with safety standards. “Durable and cost-effective, eco-friendly” is the purpose of the production of Syhdee's LED tube. Using lighweight PC material, the LED tube is easy to transport, and is not fragile when installed. The new generation PC LED tube can reach more than 50,000 hours lifespan, with a 5-year warranty. Also we have performed market research with consumers about "what kind of LED tube do you like?" Most of them choose the PC tube, because of the light weight and durability.

General Introduction
The T8 LED tube adopts SMD LED2835 as light source. There are 2ft (600mm), 3ft (900mm), 4ft (1200mm) and 5ft (1500mm) versions available. With longer lifespan and fewer toxic substances, the new T8 LED tube can replace traditional fluorescent tube lights. This type of 2ft 9W LED lighting adopts the standard G13 socket and works with AC100-240V input voltage.

PC LED Tube Features:
- T8 LED tube lighting with PC material and round shape tube
- Higher brightness single LEDs of 24-26 lumens
- Single-end internal non-isolated power supply with 0.9 conversion efficiency
- Frosted lens PC cover with 0.85-0.88 light transmittance
- No UV, no mercury, no IR radiation, eco-friendly