LED Waves debuts square PR15 ultrathin LED recessed light from LED Waves

Jan. 6, 2016
Brooklyn lighting supplier LED Waves is pleased to introduce the PR15 Square UltraThin LED recessed light, featuring a 6 by 6 inch aperture. The new square shape complements the company’s best-selling collection of round recessed lights distinguished for their bright yet soft, glare-free light output and low profile, installation-friendly form. They are available now as dimmable or non-dimming individual units and three or four light kits at LEDWaves.com.

The 10 Watt PR15 Square UltraThin LED recessed light is comparable in brightness to a ceiling fixture with a 75 Watt halogen bulb. Combined with a calculated L70 lifespan of more than 72,000 hours, each unit has the potential to save hundreds of dollars in electricity and bulb replacements over the course of its operating life. All PR15 recessed lights and kits are ETL listed and backed by LED Waves’ 5 year warranty.

PR15 Square UltraThin LED recessed lights and kits include an ETL-listed LED driver. This driver connects to line voltage, and is compatible with standard incandescent (TRIAC) dimmers where applicable. Kits also include serial connector cables and a junction box to wire the entire lighting system together.

With its uniquely comforting quality of light, the PR15 collection is popular for home, retail, healthcare, and hospitality settings. It is particularly well suited for thin walls or ceilings with limited clearance, as each unit is approximately half an inch tall and requires only a minimum of 3 inches of space behind the mounting surface.

For large quantity pricing, lighting schematics, and technical specs, contact LED Waves at 1 (800) 986-0169.


LED Waves