Hubbell Building Automation renamed Hubbell Control Solutions to focus on lighting controls

Jan. 12, 2016
Austin, TX – Hubbell Building Automation is excited to start the new year with a new name for itself, Hubbell Control Solutions (HCS). The provider of lighting controls and occupancy sensors has evolved while developing new technologies, and the updated name better reflects the mission of the company.

The change comes at an important time in the controls industry. Company management reflected on how customer perception intersects with the technological revolution the industry is experiencing. Controls play a critical role in the broader context of lighting systems that now have the ability to gather and transmit various types of data. This becomes a key element of the Internet of Things.

"This new name better describes who we are and what we bring to the table for our customers," said Bruce Morris, director of brand development for Hubbell Control Solutions. It better positions us in the market for future growth opportunities."

As part of Hubbell Lighting, HCS is focused on bringing innovative and integrated lighting controls to the market that are simple to install and use. The company develops and markets solutions such as distributed intelligence networked lighting controls, along with wireless outdoor lighting controls, daylight harvesting controls and occupancy sensors. These types of devices and systems were previously luxuries but are quickly becoming requirements for high performing buildings.

HCS has a distinguished history of providing innovative controls to the market, beginning with the first lighting control device. Harvey Hubbell invented the pull chain switch in the late 1800s, followed by the standardized electrical plug and duplex receptacle. Later, the company introduced the first self-adapting occupancy sensor technology.

Today's lighting controls have advanced far beyond simple photo sensors and time clocks. Customers demand controls solutions that are flexible enough to meet evolving building codes and regulations.

This demand, coupled with new technology, has created opportunities for solid state lighting to evolve beyond simple on/off and dimming to a world of color and color temperature control. Improvements in networking and wireless technologies are making intelligent light fixtures a reality.

Customers have asked HCS for systems that provide appropriate controls solutions for all of the spaces within their facilities. The lines are blurring between architectural dimming systems, historically used for conference rooms and ballrooms or special applications, and energy-saving switching systems used for public spaces, offices and hallways.

New solutions from HCS offer new levels of measurement, management and control granularity to specifiers and facility managers in a variety of vertical market applications. These include education, healthcare, retail and parking.


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