Liteharbor 4-in. remodel LED recessed downlight features rotating reflector design

Aug. 4, 2016
4 Inch Remodel Adjustable LED Recessed Downlight

4 inch Remodel LED recessed fixtures with round apertures offer energy-efficient, precision lighting for accent, task, or wall wash applications.
The innovative design allows the LED to be positioned closer to the aperture for maximum light output and efficiency or higher to minimize glare and flash on the trim.

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Separable rotating reflector design makes it easy for replacement.
High grade diffuser provides uniform light driver can achieve high power factor and conversion efficiency, constant current output.
Achieve 3 functions through changing screw setting places and replacing matched reflectors.

LED Light Engine
Optional branded COB LED chips
Input AC 120V/230V/277V at 50/60Hz ( 90-305V is optional.)
Color Temperature: 2700K-5000K
PF > 0.98
Dimmable options: NONE/TRIAC
This energy efficient downlight uses 15-watts max. and is comparable to a 60-watt Halogen light bulb.
LED mounted to die-cast / extruded aluminum heat sink w/ active cooling
50,000 hours average rated life at 70% output

Inner Box Size: 165x135x155mm
CTN Size: 425x345x335mm


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