Keystone Technologies supplies LED tubes to Philly's famous Geno's Steaks

Aug. 17, 2016
NORTH WALES, PA: Keystone Technologies recently provided the lamps for an LED upgrade at Geno’s Steaks, an iconic establishment in South Philadelphia. Geno’s serves their famous cheesesteaks to tourists and locals alike, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, nearly 365 days a year. Their lights are on around the clock, and the electric bill reflected that. Geno’s was actively researching options for more energy efficient lighting without compromising the quality of light. The solution from Keystone was a complete LED retrofit for both the customer areas and the kitchen, involving over 1000 LED tubes.
Geno’s selected tubes with Keystone’s Direct Drive technology, which bypasses the ballast and uses line voltage connected directly to the lamp sockets. “With Direct Drive tubes, Geno’s can expect to save almost 50% on energy usage,” said Josh Brown, VP of Distributor Sales.

There were other important considerations for this retrofit. Geno’s needed the quickest possible installation so there would be minimal inconvenience to customers and staff, and no impact on business. Keystone’s innovative wiring harness, designed specifically for use with Direct Drive LED tubes, eliminated much of the wiring work that would normally take place on the job site, drastically reducing installation time.

According to Ira Greenberg, CEO of Keystone, “Geno’s and Keystone both have deep roots in Philadelphia, and it’s great to be able to collaborate on such a significant project. We’re really proud that Keystone’s LED tubes were the answer that Geno’s was looking for to achieve their goals of dramatic energy savings and easy installation.“

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