AGC Lighting's 130-lm/W HiLink linear LED lighting trunking system features five emission angles

Aug. 10, 2016
AGC Lighting, The leading and innovative lighting solutions provider,recently launched its complete new design, comprehensive series HiLink linear LED lighting trunking system, with super high lighting performance, most suitable for warehouse and supermarket.
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HiLink is designed for cutting down the labor cost for installation and maintenance of lights, it is fully linkable via trunking systems so that it can be joined together up to a maximum of 150 fixtures at three-phase 380V. When connected to 220V single phase power, the quantity of continuously spliced modules can be 50pcs maximum. LED module could be readily removed and replaced.Meanwhile, it contains diversified features as linear light,with slim, concise design, asymmetric emission angles and super high lighting performance. Clients are impressed by HiLink, it is becoming AGC’s star product after being launched to the market.

Additional Features and Benefits of HiLink:
1. This trunking system meets user’s demand by user-friendly installation and maintenance, easily switched from single phase to three phases.
2. The max qty of spliced modules can be 150pcs.
3. Each module can be 40W, 65W or 75W optional.
4. types of linkable shape, Linear, L-shaped, T-shaped,crossed.
5. more precious optical lens for varying ceiling height applications, transparent and frosted lens optional, anti-glare frosted lens can maintain visual comfort.
6. Super high system lighting efficacy with up to 130lm/w, see our IES report.
7. Super compact and unique shape,sleek housing design,very easy to clean.
8. Digital DALI dimmable version optional, satisfy single and group control requirements.
9. Original Nichia LED from Japan,optional 80 CRI for color sensitive applications.
10. TM-21 Projection L70(10K)> 60600 hours at Nichia LM80 report, high lumen maintenance rate >98.1% when Ta=50℃ after 10,000 hours burning.
11. 5 years warranty.

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About AGC Lighting
As a professional manufacture of LED industrial lighting, AGC Lighting pursues always constant improvement and innovation, they now develop several new beam angle according to experience accumulated by recent several big project so that they can provide better warehouse lighting solution, the customer and AGC lighting are convinced that they can do better by this spirit in the future.


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