Emergence Technologies' IP66 LED fixture for challenging environments is water-, dust, and pressure-proof

Aug. 9, 2016
Emergence Technologies, LLC, today its latest technological development in LED technology with an IP-66 rated, water-proof, dust-proof and pressure-proof LED light fixture to be used in places where the light source needs to be sealed from harsh outside elements. The fixture creates high illumination while providing an outstanding wash-down capability. This is especially needed in outdoor or industrial applications where light will not be compromised by the surrounding environment.

Units are available in two, four, five, six or eight foot lengths requiring significantly less energy than traditional fluorescent weatherproof fixtures achieving energy savings of up to 70% in comparison to traditional solutions. Lumen output characteristics are available from 3,000 to 12,000 lumens (30 to 120 watts) providing just enough intensity to deliver the volumetric effect of light required for specific areas. Constructed of fire resistant materials with a 1.33mm aluminum case it is VO rated against flame, corrosion-proof and pressure-proof to IK010 standards using a high shock and vibration resistant aluminum PCB board for added protection. The isolated power adapter is manufactured by SMT production with both overload and short-circuit protections with a power factor of >98.5%. The entire unit is further sealed with a high quality silica gel with linkable aviation style waterproof plugs.

Emergence was founded by Howard Weinberg, well known as a strategic thinker specializing in unconventional approaches to the design and engineering of “emerging” technology solutions for the U.S. Department of Defense. With over 700,000 linear T-LED lamps in service Emergence continues to maintain a first-mover position in the LED industry. Emergence’s latest engineering developments continue our pledge to offer LED technologies that exceed the expectations of our clients.


Howard Weinberg, President - Emergence Technologies, LLC
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