Gama Sonic adds the Everest solar LED lamp series to its growing product line

Aug. 25, 2016
Gama Sonic USA, Inc., the world leader in outdoor solar lighting products for homes and businesses, announces its newest solar lamp series, the Everest with the Gama Sonic solar LED bulb.

Standing at 92 inches tall, the Everest Solar lamps bring a contemporary, sleek, industrial style to illuminate outdoor walkways and pathways in a bold, urban style. It features a slick curved design and round monocrystalline solar panel on top, allowing it to be a focal point in outdoor spaces.

In addition, the lamps are low maintenance and have a powder-coated cast-aluminum fixture, making them weather- and rust-resistant. The Everest Solar outdoor lamps are available in both a black and a green finish.

The Everest Solar lamp series is powered with Gama Sonic’s breakthrough technology that includes the Gama Sonic solar LED bulb that offers lighting resembling a traditional standard electrical light bulb.

Itay Parness, vice president of sales, said Gama Sonic is working on offering a variety of styles to suit any decor.

“We know that when it comes to decorating outdoor spaces, including outdoor lighting, the style can be just as important as function. The new Everest series adds a new style to our collection of high-tech solar outdoor lighting giving our customers another option for their outdoor lighting needs.”

Like all of Gama Sonic’s solar lights, the Everest lamp posts are reliable, easy to maintain, easy to install, and are cost effective. Also, as a time saver, this new product doesn’t require any wiring, digging or electricity.

About Gama Sonic:
Gama Sonic is the world leader in solar lighting products for homes and businesses with over thousands of products installed worldwide. Founded in 1985 as a manufacturing and marketing company of emergency lights and other electronic products, Gama Sonic products incorporate plastics, stainless steel, cast aluminum, electronics and OEM services in various markets. Gama Sonic develops, manufactures and markets consumer and commercial/industrial-grade solar powered, energy efficient, custom lighting solutions for a wide range of lighting applications. Gama Sonic distributes products in 21 countries, including Latin America and Europe. Gama Sonic USA INC. manages the marketing and distribution of products in the United States and Canada.


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