Evluma AreaMax LED luminaire receives IDA seal of approval

Aug. 8, 2016
Warm CCT AreaMax LED luminaires with full cut-off lens approved for light pollution sensitive applications.

Renton, WA. LED lighting manufacturer Evluma has received the IDA (International Dark Sky Association) Fixture Seal of Approval for its 40W and 70W 3000K CCT LED AreaMax street and area lights. IDA’s Fixture Seal of Approval program certifies outdoor lighting fixtures as being Dark Sky Friendly, meaning that they minimize glare while reducing light trespass and skyglow. Certification criteria includes a CCT of 3000K or below and a U0 rating, emitting no light above 90 degrees. Street and area light submittals must also identify an optional backlight shield, available for the AreaMax since 2015.

The AreaMax family models that bear the IDA’s Fixture Seal of Approval are AMAX-40-3K-V-C and AMAX-70-3K-V-C. These models can be ordered with a photocontrol or a 3 pin socket, along with a variety of pigtails. “Evluma is thrilled to be able to offer an IDA approved product for those customers looking for warm tone LED lighting that reduces light pollution,” said Cathleen Shattuck, Marketing Director at Evluma. “This is a great fit for residential areas near a national park or neighborhoods that have Dark Sky Initiatives in place. For parks or areas near the ocean these models are also available with our new anti-corrosion coastal package.” Evluma also offers ConnectLED™, a BLE application that enables wireless dimming and disconnection for any Evluma LED lighting product.

About the IDA
The International Dark-Sky Association is the authoritative voice on light pollution. IDA educates lighting designers, manufacturers, technical committees and the public about controlling light pollution. We recognize that the best way to accomplish our goal of protecting and restoring our natural night environment is through the promotion of quality outdoor lighting. To achieve this, we developed the Fixture Seal of Approval program to provide objective, third-party certification for lighting that minimizes glare, reduces light trespass and doesn’t pollute the night sky.

About Evluma
Formed in 2008, Evluma is committed to developing affordable, long-lasting and environmentally low-impact LED lighting solutions that fundamentally change the landscape of the outdoor utility lighting market. Evluma’s high standard of customer service and background in innovative lighting technologies, automation and software design creatively ideate and inform its Made in Washington products.


Catheen Shattuck, Marketing Director - Evluma
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