Mainhouse develops novel Apple LED bulb with a filament appearance based on COB LEDs

Aug. 1, 2016
As a professional manufacturer of LED light sources, Mainhouse now presents a unique Apple LED bulb that just look likes a filament lamp while it's not filament, but a COB LED lamp.

More features:
1. No need insert gases inside
2. Fashion appearance and novrlty
3. High quality and long lifetime, reaching over 30,000 hr
4. With over 92% light maintenance on 6000 hr
5. Superior performance to filament lamp

High quality A60 Apple LED lamp is now UL/CUL certified and dimmable available, also with worldwide patented certification.

Mainhouse retrofit vintage style Apple LED bulb is designed for the people, who want to build a warm and comfortable ambiance. A nice warm glow emitted from LED filaments and optical diffusers, creating an inviting tune and nostalgic feel to your space, room, kitchen, office, and lobby. For virtues of energy saving, long life and vintage style, many people use them for commercial lightings. Use them to create ambiance in cafe, bar, hotel, pub and club.

If interested, please contact us for more details.


Linda, Sales Dept. - Mainhouse (Xiamen) Electronic Co., Ltd.