Lightac Industry LED panel light is available in emergency and dimmable versions

March 16, 2016
Lightac LED panel light features:

The market leading LED panel light is a kind of top grade indoor lighting to make you enjoy your life in comfortable LED lighting.

- Outstanding energy saving against T8 fluorescent.
- High efficiency with up to 110 lumens per circuit Watt.
- Even light distribution on walls and ceilings.
- Easy for recessed or ceiling or hanging installation.
- Significant lowering operation cost, short payback time.
- Easy to clean wipeable surface.
- Warm, natural and cool white CCT options. Excellent CRI.
- 35,000 hours minimum life expectancy. 5 years extended warranty available.
- Emergency and dimmable versions.
- Secure anti-tamper design.
- High visual comfort and very good glare reduction (UGR-19 available).
- Environment friendly as it does not contain Mercury. No UV or IR radiations.
- IP40 protection against dust.

Material & Characteristics:
- Ultra brightness lighting source:
The LED panel light adopts super bright SMD3014 or SMD2016 type LED as its illuminant. The chip of LED is of high quality and more bigger size, 10*27,14*28 or 17*34 mil chip for different type.
It can resist higher anti-static and distribute more brightness.

- Low light attenuation:
On the back of LED containing cooling stand, thermoelectric integrated, easy for heat dissipation, can effectively guarantee the leds long-term stability and reduce the light decay, less than 3% @4000h.

- Special design of frame, LGP, diffusion plate:
The anodized aluminum frame is stylish and fashionable with everlasting color. It can cool very well with high thermal conductivity. Easily adapt with any ceiling.

Using the imported high-quality Light Guiding Plate(LGP--PMMA 95% light output rate). The front panel board is excellent optical PS diffusion plate, which ensures the light even, soft and high transmittance.

- Shine way:
Lighting from the side edge, with the bright, clean, even lighting, soft and non-glare surface.

- High safety performance:
Using efficient constant current driver, PF-0.95,PE-88%. No flickering, double PFC. Driver got multiple certifications. The whole lamp have passed through EMC and LVD test.

AIso be able to withstand 3750V high voltage shock and 1000V insulation test.

- More durable & robust:
It can light up to 8-10 years, comes with 3 years guarantee time.

Areas of Application:
- Corporate offices, Meeting rooms, Large commercial places, Airport lounges, Bank & ATM outlets, Modern work spaces, Schools, Hospital premises and so on.

Installation Methods:
- a. Ceiling recessing(built-in) b. Ceiling mounting c. Ceiling suspending(lifting) d. Hung from side.

Kit-1. Metal suspending wire.

Kit-2. Spring fastener(Clip).

Kit-3. Z shape hanging devices.

Kit-4. Ceiling mounting frame [ A: 300×300×43mm; B: 600×300×43mm; C: 600×600×43mm; D: 625×625×43mm; E: 1200×300×43mm].

Lead Time:
- Within 7-10 work days for sample order; 17~20 work days for formal order below 1,000pcs; 25 work days for order above 1,000pcs.

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Jack Chen, Sales Manager - Lightac Industry Co.,Limited