Wain Craft LED T5 and T8 tube replacement doesn't require a ballast change

March 16, 2016
Wain Craft announced that it is officially launching the world’s first and most efficient fluorescent LED T5 & T8 that doesn’t require a ballast change.

The T5 & T8 LED tube products have a market-leading 150lm/w net efficiency and last 5 times longer than classic fluorescent lighting.

The longer lifespan of the LED tube lighting results in a return on investment in just 1 to 2 years on average, with an expected financial saving of 60%, when compared with traditional fluorescent lights.

The unique technology allows them to replace classic fluorescent lights without requiring the change of any electronic components, like rewiring or taking out ballasts, so no electrician is need. Installation simply requires for the existing bulb to be unscrewed and to be replaced with the Wain Craft LED tube.

To illustrate the huge savings, there is some cooperation between the T5 & T8: the T5 80 can be replace with a 34W LED and the T8 58W with a 20W.

Achieves the aims for both the CFO & FM
The technology achieves the aims for both Chief Financial Officers and Facility Managers by helping to improve light quality, diminishing maintenance requirements and resulting in financial savings that allow for further investment in 5 to 10 years if required.

2016 Light & Building
The LED tube technology is being introduced during the 2016 Light & Building show in Germany, at RWE booth 9.0 C21 and Qualitas & WSH booth 4.1 B31, both well known German companies.

“We have a great network of installation providers and financing options. Our products of of the greatest standard, with the best components and the highest certifications and safety requirements” said Wain Craft CEO and co-founder Marcel Gasser.

Interested parties can get a free sample online by visiting www.wainled.com/order-sample/

About Wain Craft
Wain Craft is a Hong Kong headquartered company, with offices in Switzerland and Germany. Wain Craft are pioneering the development of highly efficient LED lights. By producing high quality LED lights Wain Craft are not only able to reduce costs for their clients over the long term, but also reduce global energy consumption.


Marcel Gasser - Wain Craft
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