Lunera introduces LightStream Lighting as a Service for zero capex energy upgrade

March 16, 2016
No upfront cost, monthly energy savings fund the turnkey commercial LED lighting upgrade

Santa Clara, Calif., - Lunera® Lighting, Inc., a leader in lighting innovations accelerating the transformation to advanced LED technology, is pleased to introduce LightStream(TM) Lighting as a Service (LaaS) ( Available now, LightStream is a turnkey service that allows building owners and operators to upgrade their commercial lighting infrastructure to LED with zero capital expense (CapEx). This innovative approach enables lighting to be treated as a monthly service. Lunera's award-winning, plug and play LED lamps insure end user satisfaction and eliminate project risk, as no modification to the existing lighting infrastructure is required to convert to LED technology.

"We designed LightStream to eliminate the financial barriers to adopting LED lighting in commercial properties. It removes the need to make a CapEx decision; it's simply billed monthly as a 'Saved Energy' utility payment, based on kWhrs saved," said Lunera's Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Tom Quinn.

LightStream LaaS ( takes the risk out of upgrading to LED lighting and enables immediate positive cash flow. Instant energy savings from an LED lighting upgrade offers an unlimited Internal Rate of Return (IRR). Facilities can customize the service by determining the term length and percentage of energy savings used. Because the Saved Energy utility rate is fixed, the service provides insulation from fluctuating or seasonal utility rate changes.

LightStream's turnkey service includes: project management, logistics, materials, installation and contract period maintenance. It gives commercial building owners and operators the financial freedom they are looking for in deploying LED technology.

Once the contract has been completed, the high quality LED lamps remain with the facility to continue providing long-term savings on utility payments.

Where to Buy and Sign up for LightStream
Lunera's plug and play replacement LED lamps are available direct from Lunera and through authorized distributors and retailers. Utility rebates and the immediate energy savings gained through LED use can help offset upfront expenses for lighting retrofits. Contact Lunera to arrange a demonstration or to locate a distributor near you.

About Lunera
Lunera Lighting, an innovative technology leader, delivers LED solutions that are simple to install, reliable to operate, and valuable to own. Lunera designs, manufactures and markets high performance commercial LED plug-and-play lamps that obsolete traditional lighting technologies. Lunera's LightStream Lighting as a Service enables immediate LED upgrades that are cash flow positive from day one without upfront replacement costs. For building owners and operators, Lunera's products and LightStream service preserves capital expenditures while reducing operating expenses by lowering electricity and maintenance costs. For occupants, Lunera's technology improves light quality, enhancing comfort and productivity. Based in Silicon Valley, Lunera is a leader in a community of progressive companies that challenges the established conventions of the lighting industry. Visit for additional information about the company and the products and services it offers.


Carol Warren - for Lunera Lighting